I've never traded on Arbitrum before, how do I get set up?

SET UP WALLET AND ADD ARBITRUM NETWORK: We're assuming nearly all of you have traded on-chain before. However, if you haven't already, then install (metamask.io) and set up your wallet per the instructions. You can find a guide to setting up at What Is Metamask? | Complete Guide On How To Use Metamask - Wealth Mastery (thewealthmastery.io). Once your wallet is set-up you'll need to add the Arbitrum network. From the dropdown menu click Add Network, enter the following details and save:

Network Name: Arbitrum OneNew
RPC URL: https://arb1.arbitrum.io/rpcChain
ID: 42161
Currency Symbol: ETH
Block Explorer URL: https://arbiscan.io/

BRIDGING TO ARBITRUM: Decide how much ETH you want on the network. ETH is the gas token for transactions on Arbitrum and just 0.01 ETH will cover approx. 100 transactions. You can get funds onto Arbitrum via the following steps:

1. Via Centralised Exchange You can withdraw Ethereum directly to your wallet via Arbitrum via the following supported exchanges : FTX, Binance, KuCoin, Huboi, OKX, Bitrue, Bybit, Crypto.com and MEXC.

2. From ETH to Arbitrum via official bridge: You can send your assets from Ethereum mainnet to Arbitrum One via bridge.arbitrum.io.
Login with your wallet connected to the Ethereum network, choosing Arbitrum One as the destination network and select the token you want to bridge from the drop-down menu. Choose the value you want to bridge in the Mainnet field, click 'deposit' and confirm the transaction when prompted by Metamask. Your funds should arrive on the network after about 10 minutes (up to an hour if there's congestion).

3. Other chains to Arbitrum Using the same steps set out above, you can bridge from many other chains (including Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Avalanche, Fantom and Optimism) at synapseprotocol.com, orbiter.finance or stargate.finance . The Levi team are also fans of bridge aggregator bungee.exchange but please note that this product is still in Beta and you use at your own risk.

You're now ready to trade on Arbitrum.

Now I'm set up on Arbitrum, where do I buy $LEVI?

We've launched $LEVI with liquidity at Uniswap.

What slippage shall I use?

Set slippage to a minimum of 1.5%.

How much liquidity have you added?

We've provided liquidity of $40,000 in ETH-LEVI and is controlled by a 3/4 multi-sig.

Any transactional tax?

There is no tax on buying or selling $LEVI and revenue generated from the 1% trading fees will be put to work by the Treasury to generate yield for holders.

Has ownership been renounced?

It has! You can see confirmation here [add link when done]

So you're going to pay holders yield in ETH? How will I claim my rewards?

Yes, you'll be rewarded ETH by doing nothing but holding $LEVI in your wallet to share a proportion of Treasury profits. The team will distribute this yield at random points every 7 to 10 days using snapshots to prevent frontrunning any payout of yield. First distribution of yield will be 7-10 days from token launch.

What about the tokenomics?

We've kept this as straight-forward as possible. $LEVI launches with a fixed supply of 1,000,000 tokens. 90% of tokens will be held in LP with the remaining 10% reserved for marketing and community giveaways. $LEVI was a fair launch and any team tokens were bought on the open market after launch with their own funds.

LEGAL T&CS Disclaimer: Disclaimer: Leverage Inu (“Levi”) is a decentralized cryptocurrency project which introduces a native digital asset / token. Levi is not owned by any one person or entity. Buyers of the Levi token are holders, not investors, and Levi does not yield 'dividends' to holders but rather rewards from proprietary trading. Levi is a DeFi product, not a Security or Commodity and thus not subject to the jurisdiction of the SEC or any Securities agency. By transacting with the Levi token, you expressly agree that you are not a resident of any territory which prohibits the use of DeFi products like Levi.